Sunday, March 05, 2017

For you - my kid!

This would be the first time I am writing for and about you!

Its about my first kid
The kid whom I never cared for initially!
But it’s a connection

It's something I never could understand

But it’s a connection which might be due to karma
My karma of previous life

I feel my kid’s luck is affecting me
It might be a reason for me to be alive!
It may be due to the other souls who came close to me
And who would stay close to me for ever
Ever I mean!

Now a days it's about kids breath
It’s about smile
It’s about eyes
That keeps me alive!

It’s a difference
A difference that I realize now, which i never valued before!

It’s not something I created
It’s something which happened

It’s something I got blessed with
I feel it’s all about my kid!

It’s something which came near to my soul
Without me knowing

A connection which I am getting used to!
Now it’s about the breath
The breath I take ‘in’ and ‘out’

It might be the universe
Who blessed me with such a connection

Which I 'would' or I 'could' never create
It’s a chemistry
And it just happens

Happens in a natural way
I thank the universe
And everyone on it
For offering me that breath

The breath I could have never taken
Without you, my kid!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ann's Smile

Her smile is awesome
It captures my heart
And her eyes
Which captures the attention

It mesmerizes me into a world
Which I have never experienced
It takes me to the heights
And when I look back
She was not even near me

But now since she is gone

It is a missing
The kind of missing that I have not experienced before
It is her smile
It is her eyes
It is her expression

It is just her
Her presence
That I am missing

Which I never thought I would ever miss

This is life
Life with twists

Again I miss her smile
And I miss her presence
I miss her looks and her eyes!

I wish she could be the same
But I know she could never be!

She is my niece Ann..
Ann who captured my heart with a smile!

‘Ambu’ she calls
She says things like ‘yummy’ and ‘yucky’
She is unique
She is genuine
And I feel lucky

Lucky to have her!
Thanks to you Ann!
And may god bless you
And keep your smile always

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Touching Modi

Its touching the way Narendra Modi speaks
He speaks from his heart
He takes pride of what he is

He has the passion
Passion to make india great

He takes his responsibility
And that too very seriously

I wish I could look at him
Look at him as an energetic worker
Who works for the nation
Who speaks for the nation
And who represents nation!

May the day come
When I can also inspire people around me
Motivate them to become what they really are
Awakening from their sleep
And to glow like a sun
In their own individual way
Brightening the surrounding
And giving vision and hope
For the future..

Monday, May 23, 2016

Way of looking

Truth always remain 
But it matters
The way you look at things

The glass might be 
Half full
Half empty

Its about optimism
Its about hope
Its about life
You might feel you lost
But its about not losing hope
Its about believing it is not the end

The way we look at things is all that matters !

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Being Content

Is it calmness?
Is it peace of mind?
Is it happiness?

May be it is an equilibrium
A state where you feel light
Where you feel childish
A sweet spot of peaceful happiness!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It has been a while

It was not writers block
It was not postponement
It was not negative energy
It was just me 

Lazing around & becoming an oxygen thief
Who kept consuming oxygen & wondering why
Why’ is something that kept me pondering
Even to this day from the last day I wrote

Every ending comes with a beginning
No matter small or big

Let me start again
Again to be awake
Awake in the chaotic world!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday

After such a long time I’m writing. It has been such a long time since I listened to my mind for the words that I need to write. However, today (in fact now time is 12:20 AM, so it is yesterday as per my laptop clock) is my birthday.

I lived one more year!  :-)

The below is an excerpt from my last year’s birthday blog post -

I wish
To enjoy each breath better
To become for refined (as a better human being)
To become rich (both in character as well as economically)
To donate to the poor
To sponsor an orphan

Having said that my dream to see the world remains and I still dream about a day when I can have a bag full of money to explore the world!!

All the above wishes remain and I feel I should add the following as well.

I wish -
To become more patient in character & in life as a whole
To become more careful with the words I use (words mean a lot)
To learn to respect & value each one who come across in my life
To touch many lives
To bring a change in this world (even if it is too small)
To become a leader (to lead like-minded people & to be a part in achieving their dreams)
And to become ‘Great’ in life!

I know my list of wishes are getting longer. May be, that is the way of life. Our list of wishes will become longer as we become older.

I do thank everyone who thought of me, wished me, gifted me, sent me ecards, emails. Above all, I thank the souls who take care of me- whether they are near me or far away from me.

This birthday was so different - I got many surprise gifts- cake, wine, well.. list is too long & I never expected any! And that is the way of life!

Light! - I have always dreamt about my guiding light - I hope there will be light in my life & it will show me the way when I am lost in darkness!

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