Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am on travel. While travelling I meet many people. I get close to many, I get away from many.

You see someone. Just by seeing the person, you feel you might not like him/her? At the same time, you feel attracted towards some; it might not be just because of the looks.

Have you ever thought why it happens?

You might never have met this person before ever in your life.

Within a blink of eye, our neural network is susceptible to arrive at some judgements which cannot be logically analysed. (Long before, I read something similar to this in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell)

I couldn’t find a logical answer to this phenomenon, since it is not always about the looks. Or is it just the looks which biases people’s thinking?

If you really ask yourself a question – ‘Did I ever feel a vast change in my first impression on someone?’ What would be your answer?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Expression of words

Words are mortals. Its death involves loss of divine grace. Natural death is very unnatural for them.

A word will once be a seed. The day light, the water, the air, and the so called right conditions nurture it to grow.

Once it starts growing, it gets set in motion. No word can hesitate from accepting its nomadic trait.

To live its life, it becomes materialistic or spiritual or ethnic.

As time creeps, the seed transforms its shape to a plant. It owns a character in the plant state. The fruit delivered will then prove the esteem and honour of the plant.

Depending on the climate, the fruit takes a new shape and form. It completes its duty in bringing the seeds to cosmos.

Eventually, as fruit passes the genetic attributes, it as well finishes the circle of a word’s life.

In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment." - Darwinism

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I like to work; it inspires me to dream. I sit and look at work for hours and it consumes me. I visualise the unborn work. All I want to do is to own it.

Everyday, I spend time in colouring my work. It even talks to me. The voice comes to me in black and white. I give it a circle, when it asks for a shape. Every night before I sleep, I say good night and it sleeps.

Sleeping work! I love it inside me for ever and ever. Nothing stops me from living with it.

I woke up from my dream into what we call ‘reality’; into the solar day, the roof of my familiar room – in fact into the well-known, often-discussed, but, to my mind, as yet unexplained mystery Universe.

I talked, I shouted, I cursed and yet I ate on time.

Do you smoke? I must admit I smoke. I am glad I smoke cigar. Tobacco has been a blessing to us idlers. A man should have a job of some sort. Those who smoke are far better than who are idle. Men who had no work to do, who could not even smoke started fighting with each other as if that is their work.

What if, work and idleness were right angles to each other? What if they were just parallel lines which never even meet in dreams?

I welcome my soul to loaf. I put a cigar and spread myself over the easy- chair, and cock my legs on to the table and lit the weed. I smoke grabbing all the seriousness of an idler. My soul floats. I rest in the cloud and keep watching all those who work.

Isn’t it difficult to persuade an idler to be busy? Needless to say, it is likewise uneasy to convince the busy to be idle.

Anyone who works might be a fool. We sell our ease and buy the luxury.

I am very considerate about the work I do, it is my possession for years and years, and I haven’t dared to leave my finger print on to it.

A philosophic contradiction: Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are busy can’t be wise. The wisest man is therefore who loafs most gracefully.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Center of Circle

About 5 years back, when I was doing my graduation at Cochin University my classmate Hari (he is now doing his PhD @ IISc) asked me ‘how do you think someone found that the circle got a center’.

How wildly a human must have thought, to arrive at a conclusion for finding a ‘center’ and proving that it is lying at an equal distance from all the points joining the circle?

We even started considering the visible circular objects in nature which includes sun & moon! We were perplexed with the idea of someone ‘thinking’ that there could be a point somewhere inside a circle and it could be equidistant from the center.

We considered the wheels, but a wheel can be made only after finding a center !!

The question remained unanswered.

‘Don’t reinvent the wheel! ’ – Someone told us. Still, it was not easy for us to ignore the fact that we couldn’t even understand the history of arriving at an idea of how the center of the circle was formed.

We knew what is radius? , what is perimeter? Except the very basic fact of understanding how could a person even think of an idea of ‘center’.

I still remember the day when we both went to the Thrikkakkara temple pond, which is near to our campus. While playing with water, accidentally I started dripping the water droplets on to the pond and saw ripples (circles) forming!!

Eureka!! Each droplet of water creates ripples (circles) which are equidistant from the point where droplet was dropped. We could hardly wait to see more circles and the idea of identifying the center was more than clear to us!!

We must have spent more than an hour by just dropping water droplets and watching the beauty of ripples!!!

You know, ripples are always beautiful, no matter how long you see! And so is the center of circle!

[PS: 1. Hari, excuse me for sharing without permission. 2. I tried to upload an image of ripple, unfortunately I am told that 'Unable to upload image' :(]

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Human Machine System

I have been thinking for a while to write! Writers block! Lack of topic!

Off lately , when I see humans around me I think of the creator who might have created these creatures (including me). Then I think of what these humans do ? Are they mostly into some mode of program doing some tasks from the time of birth?

I am trying to rename 'Humans' as 'Human Machines' (HM)

According to wikipedia Machine is any device that transmits or modifies particles. In common usage, the meaning is restricted to devices having rigid moving parts that perform or assist in performing some work. Machines normally require some energy source ("input") and always accomplish some sort of work ("output"). Devices with no rigid moving parts are commonly considered tools, or simply devices, not machines.

From the time you are born are you not cultured ? Isn't it a pre- defined mode ?

The Humans / HM will mostly follow these
  • Primary objective of most machines is to find a way to exist as long as they can, utilizing the resources available.
  • Be the best machine to survive/ sustain producing best results from the given inputs
  • Communicate/ mingle with other machines
  • Exist in the system (Society) by following a regular process, which is defined by the system
  • Protocols for interaction should be followed, else otherwise interaction might not be possible (Through human sense organs or Sensors)
  • For survival, most machines makes the system better in one way or other. (For having power(food) , they would need to earn power and that minimal power for existence can only be bought from the system by doing a class of activities listed/ defined by the sytem. )
So isn't this world a system, controlled by a controller, and human machines are just some elements of a sub system ( Human Machine System), which is assumed to be defined by Humans!

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