Saturday, September 29, 2007

Human Machine System

I have been thinking for a while to write! Writers block! Lack of topic!

Off lately , when I see humans around me I think of the creator who might have created these creatures (including me). Then I think of what these humans do ? Are they mostly into some mode of program doing some tasks from the time of birth?

I am trying to rename 'Humans' as 'Human Machines' (HM)

According to wikipedia Machine is any device that transmits or modifies particles. In common usage, the meaning is restricted to devices having rigid moving parts that perform or assist in performing some work. Machines normally require some energy source ("input") and always accomplish some sort of work ("output"). Devices with no rigid moving parts are commonly considered tools, or simply devices, not machines.

From the time you are born are you not cultured ? Isn't it a pre- defined mode ?

The Humans / HM will mostly follow these
  • Primary objective of most machines is to find a way to exist as long as they can, utilizing the resources available.
  • Be the best machine to survive/ sustain producing best results from the given inputs
  • Communicate/ mingle with other machines
  • Exist in the system (Society) by following a regular process, which is defined by the system
  • Protocols for interaction should be followed, else otherwise interaction might not be possible (Through human sense organs or Sensors)
  • For survival, most machines makes the system better in one way or other. (For having power(food) , they would need to earn power and that minimal power for existence can only be bought from the system by doing a class of activities listed/ defined by the sytem. )
So isn't this world a system, controlled by a controller, and human machines are just some elements of a sub system ( Human Machine System), which is assumed to be defined by Humans!


sunitha said...

Welcome to the club:)Its a good start Bharat!keep Going:)

What about our Desires?

Dennis John said...

well well well....what have we here??? ok keep machines do....

Vasanth Prabhu said...

Wow! Bharat, a great start! Good thinking... Keep going

Pulok Pattanayak said...

Did you see Matrix? I think so. :)

Anyway, nice piece of writing.

Usha said...

Congratulations Bharat. It’s a good start. The subject is of higher interest to me, I share my thoughts….

Considering the universe as a huge multivariable control system, a human being is a subsystem which itself is a multilevel model that ranges from biologically based levels, intellectually based levels and even socially based levels. A perfect … no I need to say an optimal human being, “the man machine” in its relation to the universe makes the system more and more complicated because of several aspects.

I see everything under the law of cause and effect. I used to ask the question when the so called man machine performs an action, what has caused it?? and the effect we observe!!!! This is related to the scientific aspect. It takes a scientific character when we believe that what we do is dependent on our bodily constitution and the influences that work upon it, based on the intelligence level. There are many people who think that man (machine) acts just as inevitably as a stone falling to the ground.

I believe that a very good supervisory control system exists: Everything is pre-ordained by some kind of divine power and the man machine carries out what is pre-destined by this power. This aspect of supervisory control is a mystery to me. This points to a question….What is the ultimate secret of the universe? Is human being a the model of creation????. Hope u can explore more……

Anuradha Rajaraman said...

hey bharat, welcome to the blog world!!! good post!!

bharat chandran said...

Thanks for your valuable comments and I am happy to hear the welcome message from each of you

Sunitha- I think emotions, desire, feelings, etc comes from the inputs we get from nature. Or may be I can say it depends on what circumstances you existed and what kind of experiences you had. Imagine a situation where you can infuse intelligence to a machine to look for next step or to grow better from using the existing resources (the experience/ learning that you already have) – That might be called as a ‘desire’ to grow.
The point is, machine can be mapped to a self learning system where it can read patterns and correlate the events and eventually humans does that while thinking!

Dennis - This is a ‘human machine world’ within ‘human world’. How is it ?

Vasanth – Thank you :)

Pulok- You are right. I saw matrix about 4 or 5 years back. But I think that idea was different from this right?

Madam – It is really an elaborative comment that you gave. I am impressed. :)

Anu- Thank you :)

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