Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am on travel. While travelling I meet many people. I get close to many, I get away from many.

You see someone. Just by seeing the person, you feel you might not like him/her? At the same time, you feel attracted towards some; it might not be just because of the looks.

Have you ever thought why it happens?

You might never have met this person before ever in your life.

Within a blink of eye, our neural network is susceptible to arrive at some judgements which cannot be logically analysed. (Long before, I read something similar to this in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell)

I couldn’t find a logical answer to this phenomenon, since it is not always about the looks. Or is it just the looks which biases people’s thinking?

If you really ask yourself a question – ‘Did I ever feel a vast change in my first impression on someone?’ What would be your answer?


c e e d y said...

You are absolutly right here - there is a first impression that is based on the persona - this involves the looks, the body structure, the facial expression, the person enthusiasm.
More importantly the thing I feel that connects me to people is the look in their eyes - the eyes are an ocean of emotions.
Some eyes are receptive, some cautious, some wild, some angry....and at that moment depending on your state of mind is what will probably attract you to that person - my 2 cents :)

--xh-- said...

you hit the point well - ther eis a snap decision the moment when we see some one - it is not the looks, or dress or body language - it is teh sum of all that and much more, and all these makes the first snap impression - which i often found out to be true. but yeah, i have had oppertunities to reshape my snap impression of some people, but not many.

priya said...

Thanks for dropping in to my blog.

Body language, attitude or the way they standout among the crowd can bring good impression.

Solitaire said...

My first impression has never been the last impression!!

Jishnu A said...

Brain is ideally meant for exactly that..short time prediction.. (though humans tends to extrapolate it to think philosophy and long term situations..) Brain is good to judge if you can cross a busy road now or later and does it rather well.. BTW in shopping trend analysis, it is seen that more than 80% time people take the item they liked first..

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