Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I like to work; it inspires me to dream. I sit and look at work for hours and it consumes me. I visualise the unborn work. All I want to do is to own it.

Everyday, I spend time in colouring my work. It even talks to me. The voice comes to me in black and white. I give it a circle, when it asks for a shape. Every night before I sleep, I say good night and it sleeps.

Sleeping work! I love it inside me for ever and ever. Nothing stops me from living with it.

I woke up from my dream into what we call ‘reality’; into the solar day, the roof of my familiar room – in fact into the well-known, often-discussed, but, to my mind, as yet unexplained mystery Universe.

I talked, I shouted, I cursed and yet I ate on time.

Do you smoke? I must admit I smoke. I am glad I smoke cigar. Tobacco has been a blessing to us idlers. A man should have a job of some sort. Those who smoke are far better than who are idle. Men who had no work to do, who could not even smoke started fighting with each other as if that is their work.

What if, work and idleness were right angles to each other? What if they were just parallel lines which never even meet in dreams?

I welcome my soul to loaf. I put a cigar and spread myself over the easy- chair, and cock my legs on to the table and lit the weed. I smoke grabbing all the seriousness of an idler. My soul floats. I rest in the cloud and keep watching all those who work.

Isn’t it difficult to persuade an idler to be busy? Needless to say, it is likewise uneasy to convince the busy to be idle.

Anyone who works might be a fool. We sell our ease and buy the luxury.

I am very considerate about the work I do, it is my possession for years and years, and I haven’t dared to leave my finger print on to it.

A philosophic contradiction: Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are busy can’t be wise. The wisest man is therefore who loafs most gracefully.


Usha said...

Voltaire, the great French writer and philosopher says “ shun idleness , It is a rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals”. Idleness rusts the mind , moreover, no goodness comes out of idleness.
“Anyone who works might be a fool”???
Many people work for the sake of material comforts and to achieve best conditions of life. Shirkers argue that work and idleness are two faces of the same coin. Confused! What u say????

Do you think that you enjoy idleness?? Or u just enjoy the realization of being idle??
My strong feeling is that for you idleness is still something to be wanted ???? Isnt it?? Or to be missed???

Jishnu A said...

beware of such straight talks like cigarette smoking etc.. if u r not yet married [:)]

Aswin Kini said...

A hilarious, but intriguing, post indeed!!!
Nice one

sree said...

I feel Idleness is sweet, and its consequences are cruel!!
Theres an english proverb which says : "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." so what r ur opinions on it then?

Solitaire said...

So in your opinion, those who are idle, should smoke?
A vice is better than being idle?

bharat chandran said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments.

@Usha – I enjoy the Idea of being Idle. You are right. But at least in my thoughts, my expression for idleness also fascinates me.

@Jishnu – Well, should I really take care? :)

@Aswin – Thank you

@Sree- Some times it is a privilege to get a view from different angle. I mean, from a devil’s mind :)

@Solitaire – Can my thoughts be considered as opinion? Well that would be something to think/discuss about.

Preethi said...

I'm confused here. So you like to work and you enjoy being idle too if i've understood you properly. I think
that's ok. It kind of compliments eachother.

What interests me is you stating that your work talks to you. That is kind of Scaaaary man!!

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