Thursday, February 28, 2008


From Nature

Everyone is unique. I believe it is a fact known to all.

Still rarely I see everyone act accordingly.

As Jim Collins said, we need to find the intersection of 3 circles. It would help us to find what we are born for, if we ask ourselves the following.

1. What I am I deeply passionate about?
2. What can I be the best in the world at?
3. What drives your economic engine?

Jim Collins was introduced to me by Dr. Ganesh Devaraj. Many thanks to him for letting me introduce to this concept.

Today, if you try to answer the above 3 questions, you might not have a quick answer. Most of us might feel that we don’t have anything to be best in the world at this point.

Yes, I too feel the same at this point.

It might be sounding awkward if I say that most of us don’t know ourselves.

Try asking some questions like why am I what I am now, what am I born for, what am I genetically encoded for , etc :

Are you getting some clarity in answering any of the above questions?
  • If yes, I think you might know yourself.
  • If answer is no, I am unable to get answers, I think it is high time you isolate yourself and start to think.
Life is always open, but limited. The early we realize, early we would start ‘living’ for what we are born for.

It is high time we need to ‘realize’ what we are born for. May be our life is meant to ‘search’ for an answer for the same.

Ajit told me the following yesterday. (Please have a look at the following image)

I’m ‘ok’, at least I am moving.

I see the light. It guides me. So, I follow it.

Monday, February 25, 2008


From Punchakary

‘Discipline is god’s gift to achieve what we wish for’ – I never believed in this.

I always trusted in chaos. It worked for me.

A structured life never gave me space to my thoughts. I felt, I would lose my freedom, happiness, everything I possess if I bring discipline into my life.

But, did I achieve anything what I wished for? Did I work in an organised manner towards achieving any target? I would need to say ‘No!’

I somehow got into a mode where ‘inertia’, played a heavy role. Changing the state of rest happened once in a blue moon - only when I had a great pull from inside. Else, it almost always ended in some talks, not in action.

I trusted this - Unless you have that kind of force from inside there is no point in doing things for the sake of doing

May be it is just escapism to avoid things which I never wanted to do ever in life. There are things which are essential, which we need to do to reach some destination. No shortcuts!

‘To read homer there is no shortcut’ – you will need to learn greek!

I am so interested in reading Homer, but I am never interested in learning greek for reading homer! – Sounds crazy?

Sometimes, I feel that I search for the essence and only the essence. I listen and analyse. Listening is easier than reading? Not for many, but for me.

I decided to learn ‘greek’ and then read homer. Who knows, I would get to know more things during the journey of learning greek which would be more interesting and fascinating that my dream of reading homer!

I decided; I decided to love discipline!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Him / Her

From Single

Life is not something which could be drawn by us. It just happens and we just try to be in pace with it.

Years might pass by, but hearts of few are left untouched. They stay same, for years and may be till they decease.

Few chose to remain separated, knowing or unknowing. When the time rings it bell, nature whispers 'let you be together'!

Feel your spirit which got attached to someone close to you. Realise your warm tenderness when you speak of him/her.

Give him/her a chance, knowingly. Let him/her glow and be a part of ecstasy on the ride for life.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Conception or Misconception

From Thiruvannamalai

Old Story: Ten in hundred identifies. Five in ten tries. Three in five understands. One in three realises and become the ‘One’.

I analyse. The results make me prejudiced.

Is there some who wins and some who lose in the game of life? Game of life!

Why am I so curious? Why do I wish to believe that there is much more in life than just some of these feelings, emotions, expressions, patterns, experiences?

What are we trying to achieve? Why most of us are behind money or power or any by products of the other two?

Is it our life’s purpose to learn to see the world in different ways as age walks up the ladder?

When we climb up, we feel tired, but the mountain top fascinates us, we dream and we reach. Once we are at the top, we try to be there always, but life forces us to be just actors who need to return the costumes as soon as the play is over. So, we start walking down the valley from the hill, and we mourn. Time heals by just eating away everything on its path.

Change & Time shows its miracle on everything we touch. It diffuses into our blood at the time we are born. From then on, we change: physically, mentally, and spiritually!

We live; we die; does it make a difference to any? Is it necessary to make any difference to any?

Why should I live? Should I just live for myself or for others around me?

Thoughts provoke brain. Brain creates impulses. Impulses act on us and so we act. Action delivers results. Results deliver value. The value gets judged by nature and so you.

Do we have a value? Are we to decide? Are others authentic to decide? Who else has the right to decide?

Do we care what they decide? Should we care?

Life is to live.
Life is till the death.
So just live life.

Still the question remains, Why life?

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