Monday, February 25, 2008


From Punchakary

‘Discipline is god’s gift to achieve what we wish for’ – I never believed in this.

I always trusted in chaos. It worked for me.

A structured life never gave me space to my thoughts. I felt, I would lose my freedom, happiness, everything I possess if I bring discipline into my life.

But, did I achieve anything what I wished for? Did I work in an organised manner towards achieving any target? I would need to say ‘No!’

I somehow got into a mode where ‘inertia’, played a heavy role. Changing the state of rest happened once in a blue moon - only when I had a great pull from inside. Else, it almost always ended in some talks, not in action.

I trusted this - Unless you have that kind of force from inside there is no point in doing things for the sake of doing

May be it is just escapism to avoid things which I never wanted to do ever in life. There are things which are essential, which we need to do to reach some destination. No shortcuts!

‘To read homer there is no shortcut’ – you will need to learn greek!

I am so interested in reading Homer, but I am never interested in learning greek for reading homer! – Sounds crazy?

Sometimes, I feel that I search for the essence and only the essence. I listen and analyse. Listening is easier than reading? Not for many, but for me.

I decided to learn ‘greek’ and then read homer. Who knows, I would get to know more things during the journey of learning greek which would be more interesting and fascinating that my dream of reading homer!

I decided; I decided to love discipline!

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