Thursday, February 28, 2008


From Nature

Everyone is unique. I believe it is a fact known to all.

Still rarely I see everyone act accordingly.

As Jim Collins said, we need to find the intersection of 3 circles. It would help us to find what we are born for, if we ask ourselves the following.

1. What I am I deeply passionate about?
2. What can I be the best in the world at?
3. What drives your economic engine?

Jim Collins was introduced to me by Dr. Ganesh Devaraj. Many thanks to him for letting me introduce to this concept.

Today, if you try to answer the above 3 questions, you might not have a quick answer. Most of us might feel that we don’t have anything to be best in the world at this point.

Yes, I too feel the same at this point.

It might be sounding awkward if I say that most of us don’t know ourselves.

Try asking some questions like why am I what I am now, what am I born for, what am I genetically encoded for , etc :

Are you getting some clarity in answering any of the above questions?
  • If yes, I think you might know yourself.
  • If answer is no, I am unable to get answers, I think it is high time you isolate yourself and start to think.
Life is always open, but limited. The early we realize, early we would start ‘living’ for what we are born for.

It is high time we need to ‘realize’ what we are born for. May be our life is meant to ‘search’ for an answer for the same.

Ajit told me the following yesterday. (Please have a look at the following image)

I’m ‘ok’, at least I am moving.

I see the light. It guides me. So, I follow it.


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