Monday, March 03, 2008

Becoming Visionary

From Punchakary

Arun Nath asked me this How is it that you are planning to achieve this????”when I told him that I would like to become visionary.

The following is my reply to the same, which I felt I should share to get some comments.

Hope everyone knows an artist.

Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. An artist also may be defined unofficially, as, "a person who expresses themselves through a medium". The word also is used in a qualitative sense of, a person creative in, innovative in, or adept at, an artistic practice.

Does he know when he is going to create something? I think he creates when he feels for it. He cannot go through a clear cut plan to create something; rather he would be interested in going through a plan to acquire the skills to enhance him to facilitate the process of creation.

An artist can only permit himself to go through and search for a real spark.

He would never know when or how a spark might happen – he can’t plan for it and according to me if he plans then he won’t be creating, but instead imitating (we can’t plan for something which we never see or experienced- it would just be a vision! He would be able to plan how to deliver a vision, but not to create a vision.)

But somewhere within him, he would feel that there is something which attracts him towards things and make him interested so that he needs to allow himself to learn. An artist might even take a nomadic nature.
I feel a visionary would be similar to an artist or poet in some aspects.

By extension, visionary came to mean also a person with a clear, distinctive and specific (in some details) vision of the future, usually connected with advances in technology or political arrangements. [If you ask any visionary, if he had created a plan for becoming a visionary, he would say ‘no’, I didn’t plan for getting this vision but rather I took a path which made me feel curious and the curiosity & interests brought me to a state which ignited my thoughts and provided me this vision. ] Other visionaries simply imagine what does not yet exist (but might be as visioning provides a glimpse of the future).

At this stage, I am trying to search and find any thing and everything that makes me feel excited. I just want to taste, but if you ask me will I ever finish tasting, I would say no clue. But if you ask me did you ever do something after tasting? I would be able to say a ‘yes’, though meager. I did introduce new concepts; I did publish, I did bring in changes on the things I worked on and I still feel the same.

For me to become visionary is an evolution which never ends. Others might throw stones or laugh at or may be respect, since we go away from the conventional way of doing things within a society. But that is what is natural of me which I just don’t feel to limit.

Have a look here - I felt it interesting, may be you all will feel the same.

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