Thursday, March 13, 2008


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Today we were discussing about the obstacles that come across in life.

I try (or at least wish) to consider obstacles as the initial steps that we need in our life to reach somewhere we have never gone before.

For me, life is all about learning. Learning brings new insights and so life is vibrant. I prefer to see life in that way.

One of my friends put forward a totally different thought saying – ‘I think, god is making me prepared for the worst things that are yet to come’.

For my friend, it was about creating immunity!

May be god doesn’t want us to get scared of what is yet to come and so incubating us in a pseudo state before we enter the real danger zone in life.

May be we all are trying to be immune day by day by adapting to things in our life that we come across each day.

I think we can relate this to Life Cycle which is about the metamorphosis – pupal transformation into a butterfly – it needs time and patience for the larva to reach the state of beauty, to enjoy the nature. Though the pupa looks inactive from outside, the changes happening inside is enormous even if not visible.

Same way, at some point in life we might also feel that we are becoming inactive, or may be we are not getting what we ought to get. But may be we are just getting equipped from inside, though we don’t realize at that point in time.

I dream to fly
And I plan to succeed
Though I am prepared to fail

PS: Thanks for the word immune - It provoked my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

hey bharath thankx... i never thought my word can make such a big thought in u... and thankx once again for putting my feelings and wht i was having in my mind in such beautiful words which i am unable to do... thx friend .. and tht was a nice conversation... :)

Rejil Krishnan said...

let me deviate...i wud say that ur friend is pessimistic..cos he always feels that something bad is imminent...
immunity (loved the word for ur usage) is attained... and only when we face the perils unawares rather than waiting waiting and waiting for something worse to occur!!!!
u wont be able to focus on the good and enjoy the niceties,if such is the case...tickle your cells and tel me...
nice thought processes from ur pen... kept me thinking.. keep writing..liked reading it...

bharat chandran said...

Rejil, I totally agree with what you told about my friend. It is an absolute pessimistic way of looking at things.

But when I thought over it again, I saw it from a different angle - 'I am becoming immune to things which are going to happen in future and so I am not going to get affected badly.'

I felt that is some positive thinking happening inside though it was brought in by a negated thought process!

Preetha Nair said...

Very Nice Post...strikes a chord somewhere..:)
Its true when they say "One cannot discover the new oceans unless one has the courage to lose the sight of the shore."

Waiting for the next Thought! :)

rams said...

i dont believe in god :)

rams said...

i dont believe in gud or bad, positive or negative,... i feel that watever it is, u r seeing it and u r deciding it... so i dont believe in these things as such :)

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