Friday, March 07, 2008

Sound of Silence

From SunSet

Every one of us believes that we all live in the ‘same’ world. Yes, we wake up when sun rises in the east and goes to bed when it doom into the sea at west.

Still, are we all on the same world?

I live in a world carved out of my own experiences. I see things in my own way. My possession is my knowledge. I gather it from the way I live life. The books I read, the movies I watch, the people I meet, the discussions I have, everything contributes to the becoming of me.

When something gets inside me, I think. The thoughts evolve. Initial thoughts could be at a pupa state where it just needs to be inside you and you need to protect and guard it. Once a thought gets matured, it can’t be enclosed inside any more; it just comes out as butterfly which just needs a fly, which are actions. Thoughts provoke actions.

My thoughts, perceptions, experiences mould my views. When we bring in some one to our world, we share. Sharing has its own limits. We just can’t share everything. We pick the things which we feel like sharing and leave the rest.

Can our world be shared fully? First of all is that something necessary?

We say ‘our’ world. But is it really ‘our’ world? For me, I think we interact on the same world. But do we live in the same world?

Though there are millions of human livings in the so called same world. They are just living in millions of different world created by them.

I am obsessed with the sound of silence in my world where there is nothing but me. The silence brings me back to my own world.

Something’s better unsaid. Something’s to be said. Something needs to be just understood.

I love my sound of silence in my own world!


Rejil Krishnan said...

Man... lovely... this one is an absolute favorite for me...lotsof thought provoking philosophies poured in words...the world of silence is a great gift..where u cut urself off and find solace..
But I find ur thoughts contradicting urself… u said everyone has his own world…Then u qn on the OUR world concept!! Y? if everyone had his/her world, tht is our own selfish world..isnt ? or am I getting things wrong from ur side of thoughts?

bharat chandran said...

Many thanks Rejil for your wonderful comments.

Now coming back to your query on 'our world' concept - It seems little complicated. But I will give a shot on putting my perspective.

I think when millions of similar people gather together they create a common world (I mean the platform they stand and think might be similar); which becomes 'our' world for them. I feel there are zillions of such common worlds around us. It is fascinating to note that these common worlds overlap among each other and they belong to a bigger world which would be our real world.

It seems natural to see similarities which end up on a shared state, though they are just similar but not unique!

Now if you take any being, his/her own world is so unique that you can’t really have another person there. If you have a partner/friend, you can share things to make them understand what you mean- You can’t bring them to your world unless they have something in common with you, still there is a limit for sharing

So aren’t we all in our own world though we belong to a so called same world?

Please note- uniqueness has nothing to do with selfishness.

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