Friday, April 04, 2008

Society Economics: the natural way

From Thiruvannamalai

While I was having a usual chat with Sriram @ IISc, he mentioned about the new multiplex cinema malls coming up in Bangalore and the closing of old ones.

‘How can an average citizen watch a movie in Bangalore?’ he asked me. I wondered.

The low cost theatres are closing up and the new multiplex (which costs at least 5x times more) are coming up.

The corporate citizens might snip the gold class tickets. What about the rest?

On one side we bring economic growth and wealth creation but on the other side are we not creating another dark world?

In today’s busy world the mantra seems to be ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’ again. None seems to be bothered about the human sitting next to us.

When societies grow it expels the crowd who are not capable of living up to the levels of their life.
It is so natural.

Suppose, I land up at Brigades road in Bangalore and I feel hungry. Unless I have more than 100 bucks (at least) I can’t even dare to think of eating something there. So what do I do next? I move to a place where I can get some good food at a nominal rate. And so, what happens is the crowd who is able to pay more is pushing the crowd who is unable to do the same.

In near future we would broadly have two types of citizens. One the Platinum class and the rest the other class (whatever name you give it)

Today: Platinum credit card.
Tomorrow: Platinum society exists and even the entrance would be charged!

"I think, therefore I exist" (Rene Descartes) should be rephrased as

I pay, therefore I exist!

May be this is the ‘new normal’.
May be this is society’s metamorphism to fine tune its inhabitants.

[Thanks Sriram for the chat which made me think!]

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