Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Conversation - Butterfly & Pupa

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I am born and brought up in a set up which has a set of beliefs. It is so hard to break those and get out of it. I am just talking about breaking ‘few’ of those not ‘all’. Still it is so tough for me to change my thought pattern.

Let me say the fight is between new one (butterfly) and the old one (pupa), both inside me.

The butterfly says, ‘hey you try this, it is gonna work. You never tried this before’. At the same time pupa says, ‘hey you failed last time and so don’t ever think of trying. See, this happened to you earlier too. You didn’t listen to me and you know what happened!!’

Yesterday morning, I really really faced the same situation. But somehow I decided to go with the butterfly’s argument. I tried to keep the pupa mum by finding reasons. I wonder now why I needed to find reasons to convince myself and that too just within me!

I wished to cease viewing things from the pupa’s angle. So I initiated a conversation between pupa and butterfly only with the motive of convincing the butterfly. The talk was like this…

Butterfly: So you are going to do this today

Pupa: No no.. not today. Today you have some important meetings so don’t ever try this today. May be some day later you can try.

Butterfly: Hey if you don’t take a risk and do it today, when are you gonna change? At least you should try.. Else you are never gonna come out of your old thoughts.

Pupa: Don’t ever buy whatever butterfly says. It never worked for you earlier.. And remember today is so important to you - you have meetings and that too so important ones.

Butterfly: Come on, pupa is just trying to stop you from growing up. Stand up .. Try something new. Even if it fails it would be a new experience. Now it is not like the olden days any more. You have changed and so the circumstances. So try new things. And you would definitely learn from the failures and they are your steps for success…

I finally bought the butterfly’s argument and went ahead and took the risk of trying new things!

Try new things.. Even if you fail.. At least you tried and you experienced and that is definitely going to help you next time..- I mean to win next time!!

World is wide open for you.. And change is inevitable! All that matters is how you change.

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Vaish said...

True. It happens to almost all human beings - conflict within you - between ur minds. One mind is irrational and intuitive; another one is more sensible and experienced.

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