Saturday, April 04, 2009


From Punchakary

We all have expectations about our future. We dream, plan and wait for things to happen.

What will happen when you realise your expectation went wrong?

We expect things based on some logic. The expectations are almost always based on some thinking/ analysis.

Expectations are formed from a chain of events/ thoughts which would bring us to a state where we foresee or we await something else to happen.

What if we comprehended the events in a wrong way or we didn't perceive the events in a right sense? May be we that is why we landed up on a wrong expectation?

Well, once you realise your expectation was wrong - it is not that easy to accept it. It pains. It leaves us in questioning mode -'what did we do wrong?', 'where did we go wrong?', etc

It hurts to accept a deviation from the expectation. But the learning you get from this realisation of being on the 'wrong' side to expect is immense.

May be nature is trying to make us immune

May be it's a junction where you got a chance to stop and check whether you took the right road

A chance to take a U turn or may be take a right or left!

A chance to reflect on yourself

A chance to correct your expectations!

A chance to learn

I thought, I realised, and I am still learning.

Friday, April 03, 2009


From Single

Sometimes we feel really calm when we are with someone.

I am not talking about expecting something from a person and being with that person.

I am just talking about being with a person with kind of no expectation - only thing that you expect is to be with the person for that moment. I mean, just be with the person and just feel the presence.

In my life I rarely feel better due to someone else presence. Sometimes we see a person and we feel really calm. I mean we don't talk, we don't interact, it is just being with that person.

The presence of another person may feed the soul.

We might not be able to find a reason in particular why it is so.

Why is it so?

There are things which are above our level of understanding. There are things which are still unknown.

The truth remains the same - we feel better due to someone's presence.

'I felt the calmness'

May be someday I would understand why I felt calm

May be I would become more calm in days to come

May be 'nature' would offer me calmness ever after

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Life is never as we expect.

We think we are normal and we do things thinking that we do is right. At times we act differently.

I did hurt a person who is so close to me. I didn't do it on purpose at all. It just happened.

How can I stop hurting people who are close with me? How can I change ??

You know, sometimes we just feel that we are doing the right things and we do it. But later we realise that this is not what we expected to happen as end result.

We take decisions by ourself and the consequences due to that affect people around us.

I want to take care of people around me.

I want to give the care.

But how come I am not like what I think of myself to be ???

I wish I will have the strength to pardon me for hurting people close to me.

I wish I wont repeat this again.

I need a guiding light to guide me

I know I will see the light and it would guide me till I breath..


I realised that the blink might not work always. - kindly refer my earlier post which I wrote 2 years back about blink -

Sometimes we feel that the things are so +ve and it gets into a paradigm shift all of a sudden. We don't even realise how such a change happened so fast.

If we learn that our own judgement goes for a toss, what shall we do??

I am yet to find an answer for that.

My instincts are coming out to be wrong.

What shall I do to correct my instincts ? I really need to learn that.

It is a great realisation to know that my instincts can also go wrong.

How do you correct your instincts ? Is it possible? Is instinct completely based on genetic?

I am searching...

I feel better now - I now found a gap in me which is so huge, which needs to be fixed.

I need to change and I know I will - no matter how long it takes.

PS: Thanks my friend for pointing out. I am still learning to be better and I would struggle to be better. I wish I would keep growing better.

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