Friday, April 03, 2009


From Single

Sometimes we feel really calm when we are with someone.

I am not talking about expecting something from a person and being with that person.

I am just talking about being with a person with kind of no expectation - only thing that you expect is to be with the person for that moment. I mean, just be with the person and just feel the presence.

In my life I rarely feel better due to someone else presence. Sometimes we see a person and we feel really calm. I mean we don't talk, we don't interact, it is just being with that person.

The presence of another person may feed the soul.

We might not be able to find a reason in particular why it is so.

Why is it so?

There are things which are above our level of understanding. There are things which are still unknown.

The truth remains the same - we feel better due to someone's presence.

'I felt the calmness'

May be someday I would understand why I felt calm

May be I would become more calm in days to come

May be 'nature' would offer me calmness ever after

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Ves said...

"Silence speeks louder than words"
Just being with someone and feel calm is a really soulfood.
You may share your life with someone who calms you down.

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