Saturday, April 04, 2009


From Punchakary

We all have expectations about our future. We dream, plan and wait for things to happen.

What will happen when you realise your expectation went wrong?

We expect things based on some logic. The expectations are almost always based on some thinking/ analysis.

Expectations are formed from a chain of events/ thoughts which would bring us to a state where we foresee or we await something else to happen.

What if we comprehended the events in a wrong way or we didn't perceive the events in a right sense? May be we that is why we landed up on a wrong expectation?

Well, once you realise your expectation was wrong - it is not that easy to accept it. It pains. It leaves us in questioning mode -'what did we do wrong?', 'where did we go wrong?', etc

It hurts to accept a deviation from the expectation. But the learning you get from this realisation of being on the 'wrong' side to expect is immense.

May be nature is trying to make us immune

May be it's a junction where you got a chance to stop and check whether you took the right road

A chance to take a U turn or may be take a right or left!

A chance to reflect on yourself

A chance to correct your expectations!

A chance to learn

I thought, I realised, and I am still learning.

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