Thursday, April 02, 2009


I realised that the blink might not work always. - kindly refer my earlier post which I wrote 2 years back about blink -

Sometimes we feel that the things are so +ve and it gets into a paradigm shift all of a sudden. We don't even realise how such a change happened so fast.

If we learn that our own judgement goes for a toss, what shall we do??

I am yet to find an answer for that.

My instincts are coming out to be wrong.

What shall I do to correct my instincts ? I really need to learn that.

It is a great realisation to know that my instincts can also go wrong.

How do you correct your instincts ? Is it possible? Is instinct completely based on genetic?

I am searching...

I feel better now - I now found a gap in me which is so huge, which needs to be fixed.

I need to change and I know I will - no matter how long it takes.

PS: Thanks my friend for pointing out. I am still learning to be better and I would struggle to be better. I wish I would keep growing better.

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