Thursday, April 02, 2009


Life is never as we expect.

We think we are normal and we do things thinking that we do is right. At times we act differently.

I did hurt a person who is so close to me. I didn't do it on purpose at all. It just happened.

How can I stop hurting people who are close with me? How can I change ??

You know, sometimes we just feel that we are doing the right things and we do it. But later we realise that this is not what we expected to happen as end result.

We take decisions by ourself and the consequences due to that affect people around us.

I want to take care of people around me.

I want to give the care.

But how come I am not like what I think of myself to be ???

I wish I will have the strength to pardon me for hurting people close to me.

I wish I wont repeat this again.

I need a guiding light to guide me

I know I will see the light and it would guide me till I breath..

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