Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today Ajit explained to me the difference between a CTO and a CIO.

According to him, the CTO is supposed to be a techie who would be best in understanding the latest technologies and bringing the right technology to support the organization.

The CIO on the other hand is responsible for bridging the gap between the Technology Domain and the Business.
CIO would be assisted by CTO from the technical perspective and he is responsible for envisaging the business needs and ensuring that the IT setup is ready for delivering the required business needs.

After a very long time, I felt for something which I might even consider 'becoming'.

CIO role is something which I could aspire for!! – I am so excited about the technology and the impact it can create on business.

Idea is the limit which might limit you from growing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meaning of Life: A Perception

From Nature

I am hunted by a question. The same question kept on coming to me ever since I was a kid. The question went to sleep on the course of busy life. Now one fine morning it pops up and then again starts it game. It was in hibernation for long time. I wonder why it woke up now.

Now, after several years it comes from within me and keeps murmuring in my head. ‘ What is the meaning of this life ?‘ It demands an answer as if I am keeping it as a secret. Its behaviour makes me feel it is a part of me.

According to my learning there are two broad answers to it.

1. The first answer: The life is deterministic and everything happens for a reason. It is just that we are unable to connect the dots. When the time comes we would be able to connect the dots and see the whole picture . Until then we would just need to believe that everything is for good and there is a purpose why we are here right now on this planet.

2. The second answer: There is no meaning as we see. Life happens just for no reason. It is just some randomness and we just live a mundane life for the sake of living . Just for our own consciousness we would be creating some meaning due to the circumstances and the inputs that we get from this universe.

Though I would prefer to have the first answer as the right answer, I feel there wouldn’t be any right or wrong answer in specific to this question. It is just the way we see it.

May be I am at a junction and I feel confused from inside.
May be the burning need for finding the meaning of life is just crazy
May be Life does carry some meaning!

I am still searching…
It is not about the answer but about the quest for the answer..
The quest to quench the thirst…Not about the thirst…

1. If you didn’t understand what I wrote above, ‘consider all of it as just nonsense.
2. If you did understand what I wrote above, ‘it might be nothing new to you. You might be aware of it already!'

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