Thursday, August 13, 2009

Right – An essential element

From Nature

Just finished watching a movie called ‘Flash of Genius [2008]’ – An amazing true story about a Prof who sued Ford Motors for stealing his invention.

For me the ‘right - wrong’ was always just a notion which is purely relative though we tell to kids to do the ‘right thing

What is this ‘right thing’ all about? – The Merriam Webster online dictionary gave the following definitions to the word ‘right

: being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper
: conforming to facts or truth: correct

However, can’t it be that this right-wrong notion is all linked to awareness?

The awareness creates the insight to come up with the true facts. When I say awareness it is about having a 360 degree view – a complete view – ‘the big picture’.

We are almost always limited with our views – I am limited by what I am due to my the thoughts & ideas that I carry.

To sum up, the point that I realized is the ‘concept of right’ is nothing but an ‘essential element’ for existence, survival, acceptance and growth in this (so called) society.

Right – An essential element in the society!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Something about intuition

From Thiruvannamalai

Now time is 12:25 am in my laptop. Yesterday morning I woke up with a debate within myself. It was just like a dream but when I woke up I felt it was real. I was talking to myself about the spirituality and the intuition.

Is the spirituality or the power within related to our self by any chance? Or is it just some kind of off-shoot???

Can we trust our own intuitions? Are all the intuitions true?

I wonder why I am having a conflict within myself about my own thoughts - But this is life.

Life is about learning and life is long. It is all about how we see it from different angles.

I am not sure what the intuition is all about, but I need to know why my intuitions were wrong at some point in time. Now I doubt my own intuition.

Is it that the intuition is beyond the reasoning? Is it that the intuition exists in a plane where the cause and the effect don’t exist at all?? What is this intuition by the way?

Can anyone explain to me and help me in my research towards this so called ‘Intuition’ which is supposed to be beyond the thoughts and reasoning and the causes in this universe?

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