Friday, January 08, 2010

An Airport Breeze

When I was landing Muscat Airport (about a few hours before), I could see the rocks and hills and the islands of Oman. The view of dark mountains, blue ocean, the parcel of land and sea touched me.

@ Airport
- The long broad view of runway
- Few noisy kids
- the airplanes which are getting ready to move to different cities around the globe
- the silent couple sipping coffee @ Costa Coffee ( like they are talking to each other with eyes)
- Few are alone awaiting their flight to move on towards their destiny

I am all surrounded by some special air which whispers to me to write and to continue writing..

Take a deep breath
Feel the sweetness of oxygen
Close your eyes
Taste the air
Fill your heart
Isn’t this moment worth living for?
Isn’t this life all about moments?
One more dot to complete the circle.

The world is so immense and one life time is not enough to have a grasp of it!

Ma' as-salaama Muscat!! - You have given me a zephyr.
This has changed .. I feel it here.......

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