Monday, January 25, 2010

From the House of Peace

Thus I set foot on Africa.... landed Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) today afternoon.. The climate is like hot- itz around 30deg in the day time. the buildings are like indian buildings.. most of them pretty old..

The travelogue

1. 1:30 AM start from the hotel @ Riyadh - Got into flight to Doha (Qatar) - Just 1 hour flight .. almost none except some cute looking airhostess's in Qatar Airways :-)
2. From Doha the next flight to Tanzania was around 7:30 Am local time .. and 5 hours :45 mins flight.. Almost very packed.. And they offered drinks.. restricted myself to Red wine.. :-)

Landed the Dar Es salaam airport around 1:30 Pm local time. - 50$ they charge for on arrival visa for Indians .. the visa stamping que was not that crowded..

--An interesting experience--
Once you reach security check in they open the bags .. put hand into the things and checks everything ..

When i reached the security counter, I gave my hand bag.. so the security guy checked the bag, found the book- 'high performance enterpreneur' by subrato bagchi .. . and i dont know why, he was so happy and he started showing that book to the other security guys .. and i told him this book is a good book.. - he shook his head happily.. then when I was about to put my main luggage for checking.. He asked what is there in the bag? is it the clothes? I told yea.. Then he told .. Oh you read enterpreneur books.. so I am trusting you and I am not checking the can leave.. I was like wow!! :-)

It is not safe to go out in the night .. almost none in the road except the localites (they are similar to the ones that we see in tv) .. and the local shops are similar to the shops that we have in villages.. i mean really small..

But dont get surpised by the rates here .. i took a cab just to go out to purchase a power adapter and it costed me 10,000 Tanzanian shillings.. :-) .. here they talk only in 1000's... :-) .. 1.00 USD = 1,349.50 TZS...

For a packet of juice you pay 2,500 TZS.. and so forth.. :-)

Just asked the waiter how to say bye bye in tanzania.. he says 'coheri' so I say the same to you...coheri...:-)

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Deepak said...

Enjoy. Brings to me memories of S. K. Pottakad's "Kappirikalute Naattil:.

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