Wednesday, February 10, 2010


From the experiences in life, according to me the basic ingredient to be happy or successful is to have ‘clear thoughts’.

Most of the time we leave things saying, ‘let us face it when it comes’ and let us not bother about it ‘now’.

We will move forward in life with the assumption that everything will happen according to our thoughts and we will face it then and there when it happens. However life is not as we expect it to be.

There are things which will change – and as they say change is the only element which doesn’t change.

When I look back and ask myself did I have clarity in my thoughts ? I feel speechless, I have been taking roads less travelled without much clarity.

From Nature

Most of the decisions that I took in life was just momentary.

Now since the decision was taken without clear thought process, neither the way nor the end is clear.

The issues comes in life when we go ahead with vagueness and when someone else joins us in the journey . The same lack of clarity would cloud their thoughts and they also end up in a confused state as we are.

We feel helpless due to the cloud in front of us and so do they. It is always better to go on a vague journey alone.

Solitude would feed your soul but it might not be the case with the other person.

Why are be wired not to be clear?
Why can’t we get the clarity in thought as Richard P Feynman does?
Why are we given options in front of us when we are vague?
Why cant someone stop us from going ahead when there is darkness?
We go ahead and call it as ‘risk’
And now when we end up in a state where we don’t know how to move ahead?

Years back, one told me that I have crossed the way without knowing how to go back
Even today it holds true.
May be some day I will learn how to have clear thoughts
May be some day I will see things as they are and not as they look like
May be some day I will realize
Realise what this world is all about
And see the world with Clear Eyes..

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