Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Married Life : A Court view

Yesterday I was in one of the Bangalore courts.

When I walked into one of the court sessions, I saw two people standing in two separate witness stands. One was a guy, mostly around his early thirty’s and the other was the lady around the same age.

After being in the court for some time I could make out that the hearing was for a case filed against the guy by the lady and today’s session was to question the lady for some proofs.

When I made few enquiries about the case, they told me the following story.

The girl got married to the guy and about four years back she filed a complaint against the guy saying ‘harassment’. Both of them were blessed with a baby. Later, she left this guy and got married to another guy. Now, she is living with the other guy along with the baby.

The guy in turn is staying with his family. He was producing proofs of her second marriage. There was no divorce till date.

Now if he can’t prove that he is not guilty, he will be imprisoned for 6+ years. At the same time if the guy can prove that she has filed a case only due to the anger towards him, the case will be dismissed and closed.

Until this case is closed and divorce is over, he can’t marry anybody else. At the same time she is now married to another guy and living peacefully in some other state.

On the court, she was furiously angry, not even looking at the guy’s face- who in turn was her husband, with whom she shared her life few years back, with whom she had a baby. She was literally denying the facts which had proofs and even giving answers like’ why should I answer this question? ‘. The magistrate interfered several times and told her patiently to answer to the questions and not question the advocate back.

Being a witness to the scene, I was thinking how a person can go against another person whom they loved and started their life.

When we are happy, we share all the nice moments and we enjoy each day and when we get irritated, we get furious to an extent to which we take our swords to fight against the person who was our most loved one.

Emotions control us
Emotions over rides our actions and the reactions

Emotions make us happy and sad
Emotions make us utter words which we would never had even thought of

Looks like Emotions rule this world..

PS: When my friends are getting prepared for their married life, I wonder why I am getting opportunity to witness marriage separations …

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