Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Moments of life: Child

I really don’t have a child but you know sometimes I wonder if I had a child. I mean the one close to our heart whom we can watch growing up.

The attachment that you have with a kid is no way replaceable. The moments when the baby was like crawling.. starts uttering the first words.. the time when walking starts.. etc.. it is a kind of never ending list.

From Single

Few months ago, I watched a tamil movie ‘abhiyum naanum’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abhiyum_Naanum) a must watch movie who loves attachments.

After you watch the movie, you might feel that it might be more touching to have a daughter..You know the cute little faces that she is going to put across to you.. I am not saying the guys are not nice.. They are of course different in their own way..

No matter whether it is son or daughter, the connection that you have with a kid is something so amazing on earth.

It is like once you taste their love and affection, it is something you would never forget ever after in life.

To have a baby..
To watch them when they are going up..
To take off their tears when they cry
And to tell them everything is going to be fine.
To keep them close to heart
To imagine their smiling faces when we are upset..
To hold them in our memories ever after
And those becomes the moments of our life!!
Life then becomes Worth Living For!!

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