Thursday, February 11, 2010


Now a days when I experience something or when I envision something, I wish to write it down. Until I pen it down, it is like a pain inside.

I feel like thinking of writing about anything and everything which touches my heart.

During the initial days, when I started blog it was so tough to get a topic to write about. And now things changed.

Some force is acting up on me to write things about my thoughts, experiences, expressions, perceptions.. It is like I need to post it out in the world for someone to grasp.

May be the idea of someone out there who would read this is making me write.
May be there is none there who is reading this.

After I have written down something, I feel relaxed. Relaxed as if I have done some hard work :-)

When you write, you think, you sequence, you prioritise. Well, none stops you from being random as well.

It is just the flow that matters, the flow of albhabets that coin into words, words into sentences and sentences into some form of meaning.

Life is interesting..
So is writing..
I feel relaxed.. though I have written nothing great..
Writing might be a way to self relaxation..

PS: Thanks to Preeti. I met Preeti Poojara in a chat window and she asked me this "so you want to be a writer or just some quote". I dont know why, it made me write about writing.. May be I will really become a writer as I wish someday to wake up every morning to read letters from people I never know.

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