Sunday, March 14, 2010


“I told you this that day because I wanted to know what was inside your mind. I didn’t want to ask you directly. Now from your answer, I know what you had in mind”, said Dhanya.

Rajesh and Dhanya were having a conversation. Few days before, Dhanya put across a hypothetical situation for which Rajesh was asked to answer. Now, Dhanya says she got the answer for what she asked.

‘What did you mean by saying this is still inside my mind’, Rajesh was curious to know.

‘No I asked you that question that day because I knew you have not forgotten that incident. It is still inside your mind’, Dhanya said with a different tone in voice.

‘No way ! I am not even able to understand what incident you are referring to here. What was that incident?’, Rajesh was taken aback.

‘You know I promised you something long back before and I couldn’t do it. I knew that it might be there inside your mind. I asked you that question last day only to know what was inside your mind. Now it is clear to me, I got the answer and this is what I wanted’ Dhanya triumphed. Rajesh was lost and he couldn’t even understand what she was saying.

When did Dhanya think about getting things from me without me being aware of it and asking me things indirectly? Rajesh thought for a moment.

‘See I am not sure what you mean. I am not able to understand what you say by you got the answer’, Rajesh was confused and lost.

Dhanya became calm, she said ‘No no it is ok, I asked you that question only to know whether you had kept that in mind till now or not. Now I have the answer’

Rajesh and Dhanya had a long discussion to figure out what was there in Dhanya’s mind. After a long chat somehow Rajesh was able to realize that Dhanya was referring to some incident which he was not even aware of. However Rajesh realized few things.

Dhanya is not the girl what Rajesh thought of her to be.
She is different,

He realized that it is good not go with her words
He realized that she says something and means something else
And it is good not to expect from her
Everything happens for a reason, he thought

May be this conversation happened for a reason
May be Rajesh will be more cautious with Dhanya from now on
May be Rajesh & Dhanya will change

May be Rajesh & Dhanya should stop interacting
May be this is the end of their story!

PS: Saying something and meaning something else :-) - This can happen in any conversation.

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