Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Loneliness creeps into each bit of me
Breathing makes me sick
Brain tells me I am independent
Mind shows me blankness
Heart is completely empty
I am alone
Aren’t we all alone?

Except the ‘moments’
Pauses between the moments give us space
Space to be alone and empty
Emptiness feeds my soul
Spiders in my brain is active
Cobwebs in my brain are becoming intense
Ideas are getting caught in the web
Web that might never get removed
Am I responsible for the web?
Or is it the others around me?


Anonymous said...

To be lonely and being alone are entirely different.
The difference between loneliness and being alone is, alone means you are not
in the company of anyone else. You are one. But loneliness can happen anytime,
anywhere. You can be lonely in a crowd, lonely with friends, lonely with family.
You can even be lonely while with loved ones. I doubt whether u r alone or feeling lonely?

Anonymous said...

'You can even be lonely while with loved ones.' this is exactly right!

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