Friday, March 12, 2010


‘When you put your 100% to a relation and when the other person gives only 10% back, what do you do?’ Jyothi asked Arun.

Rose considered Jyothi to be one of her friends. Rose is a fair beautiful South African lady and Jyothi is Indian. Rose’s nature is to get into relations pretty fast. When Rose meets a new guy in the party, she moves pretty fast for a date with him. However, for Rose, things in relation don’t go smooth always. She is mostly unable to maintain the relation for long time.

Whenever Rose breaks up with the guy she shares the story with Jyothi. Jyothi console Rose saying it happens sometime ..its ok... and things would be better next time.. - trying to make Rose feel better.

Most of the time, when Rose is over from the depression of the break up, she gets in touch with Jyothi to go out. Rose’s parents are aware neither of her behavior nor her relationships. So what Rose does is, she sits in front of her parents to call Jyothi fixes a time to meet outside (to make parents think that she is going to meet Jyothi). Jyothi being a planned lady, almost always have her schedule fixed for weekends. But when Rose calls her she changes her plan and get ready to meet Rose.

Now the interesting part is, Rose goes out to meet with her friends or to meet new guys leaving Jyothi alone at home without being informed. The next day, Rose comes up with new excuses to convince Jyothi for not meeting her.

Now days I am getting irritated when I see her call, says Jyothi. I don’t know what to do. I know she is not a genuine friend. I know she might be lieing with me. I sometimes feel like shouting at Rose, but I can’t. shall I do?? – These are Jyothi’s words

Rose might be seeing things differently and so Jyothi. May be it is Rose’s nature to be like what she is. May be Jyothi just need to understand and realize the same.

Jyothi knew the answer for the question she asked
She just wanted to share
Not for the answer
But for the sake of sharing
I wonder why people share things for the sake of sharing
Why do people ask things for the sake of asking?
Genuine, helpful, sincere - is how Jyothi defines herself.
But in real world, (not in her mind) – is she genuine?
Better she asks herself
The story is one sided- it is just Jyothi’s version as you might have noticed. We never know Rose’s version.

However, Jyothi did similar things to Arun as Rose did to her. So being aware of these things I wonder what Arun feels about Jyothi.

Arun might be asking the same question to himself - ‘When you put your 100% to a relation and when the other person gives only 10% back, what do you do?’

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