Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, is it on the eyes ? Here in this country (saudi arabia), you can see only the eyes of a girl!

You know what guys here say ? 'its all in the eyes of the girl!'

And you wont believe, most of them say if they can see the eyes of the girl, they can see how beautiful she might be by just looking into her eyes!!

I am not sure whether it is all about eyes..Oh no don't think I have met a girl by seeing her eyes and so I am writing this.. A Big noooo, I haven't dear

It is like, as all poets sing so much about the beauty and depth of eyes!!

Guys who are in love, talks about the eyes. Well not just the guys, girls too talk so much about the eyes..

What would be there deeper inside the eyes ?

See the eyes.. the longing.. the need.. the wanting.. wow!! it is something really interesting to explore..

Is it the looks that the lovers give each other :-)

Well is it that chemistry happens just because of the looks that one give another one?

Is it all about love at first sight ??

Well, is it all about interpretations, feelings, experiences ...

Lovers need to tell an answer for this..

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Anonymous said...

:) Well Bharth, I was in love and now also I am.. Eyes are the most attractive part of the body. We can attract a person by looking deep into their eyes.. What you feel.. I believe in it.. One can express their feelings through the eyes and the second from the touch..

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