Monday, June 28, 2010

Love & Hate: Moments of Life

Like two sides of a coin there exist the two emotions.

Whether we like it or not, the duality prevails in all relations: the one which overrule matters.

You know, it might be really surprising to know how fast we switch between these two states - the transition between love and hate!

We see lovers loving each other so passionately. They want to be together forever as one. They would want to be floating (it is an elevated state of mind) in the same state forever and ever after - In a peak of excited resonance.

They would want everyone else in this universe to vanish but just them.

State where nothing is impossible! And Everything around is beautiful!

They wish to stop the sun and the moment - the moment of excitement to stand still forever!

The failure of love drives us to hatred !

When we don’t get what we want, we start disliking the other person.

The dislike gradually grows up to a huge fire inside us.

The fire burns all the ‘love’ energy and it gets transformed to ‘hatred’. The fire spreads across all our nerves and then to the brain.

The brain gets excited in the fire and try burning the target - the same person who was filled with love!

Then we want to see the other person in pain and anguish. We want him/her to suffer and get tortured.

By seeing them in torture would become the only motivation for us to live ? (Just be an audience for one divorce session at court! )

The moment:
When love vanishes and hatred starts.. Also the similar moment - when hatred vanishes and love starts.

Just think how volatile it is.

The person whom we hated most, becomes one of our close friends - we starts respecting and liking their nature- the same nature which we hated to the core?

The same happens with our close friends ? - A close friend becoming an enemy?

The person, who loves to spend hours and hours together, starts getting irritated on each moment of togetherness.

The pain, the burning and the restlessness starts affecting us.

The presence of other person which was like levitation to us becomes like frustration!


Does all this happen because of the mood swings?
Is it because of our own reflections on others?
Is it because nothing is permanent?

Is it because change is the nature’s rule?


Is it all because our information or our views or our interpretation is on time axis which by itself changes?

When we get a different view, we act on it?

When we interpret things in a different way, we start seeing things and visualizing things in a right opposite meaning?

It is not just between the people, it is also true among the other materialist things in this world! -We might hate something today and the same thing might become our dearest tomorrow!

Who knows what is it that we really love?
Is there anything called ‘love’ or ‘hate’ which never vanishes ?
Is this all momentary?

PS:Honestly,I am in search of the meaning. I made me experiment on myself. The experiments offered me experience. The experiences blessed me with scars.

The exploration still continues

And so my life..

With or without meaning..

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Anonymous said...

I feel in my way love is to be with each other in sharing their life moments.. if no time to spend with each other then the gap increases and it will turn out to be hatered. and we live like as we have committed and we try to be happy and normal by hiding our emotions inside..

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