Wednesday, June 09, 2010

One More Year !!

‘The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep..’

As Robert Frost said, I too have promises to keep. -The promises that I gave to myself – to travel around the world, see the places, meet new people, experience new cultures….Well it is a long list..

Today happens to be my birthday - my first birthday out of our native country!

Though I am in a country where you can’t really party, this is a different experience altogether.

Early morning my colleague Prasad woke me up and said ‘Many Many Happy returns of the day!’, I thought this is good, at least there is someone who will wake you up for giving the wishes.

However to my surprise he asked me a question soon after the wishes, ‘What is your birthday Resolution? Is it the going to be like, you will grow your hair?’ Lol!

Well I do accept that the hair loss for me is so natural, may be as my friend Sriram says, ’we are ahead in the evolution process. Earlier our ancestors had hair all over their body and later they became like us. Likewise, we are leading this century and years to come there will be people around us who are all bald headed!’ –What an idea right??

Life seems to be wonderful in its own way. I did have a lot of burns last year and I trust it was all required for me to get better. It might take time to heal the burns and I am sure time will heal everything.

Getting better is never ending process and we will always have something new to learn, something new to experience..

And coincidences do happen in my life for which I feel very surprised. I feel thankful to each and everyone around me for some reason which I am unable to find through my logic.

Things I trusted made me feel deceived.
I went through a very painful experience of melting down all my intuitions.
I feel I should be a nomad (Muthu mentioned the same word and that too just now!!)
No matter where it is, I should learn to be happy
I feel thankful to the external world !
I thank you, all of you, who are around me, who surrounds me and who supports me!
What a lovely life!
And what a lovely journey it is to live this life!!

I wish myself a very happy Birthday..If there is something called 'Birthday!'

PS: I felt it is worth mentioning the full names of the people referred here : Prasad is Prasad Babu, Sriram is Sriram Chandran R , Muthu is Muthuramalingam Shanmugavel pandian (Well a long name !!),


Deepak said...

One Less Year!!

bharat chandran said...

Glass Half Filled or Half Empty!!- Just a change in perspective :-)

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