Friday, June 11, 2010

You are no different

Yesterday, I spoke with Rani. She told me something interesting, ‘You are saying the same thing that I have been hearing all the day from different people and you are not talking anything different!

Rani is in her +2 studies and I trust almost everyone is asking her to study. ‘Why is it that everyone are having high expectations on me? I am not capable enough to reach where others are thinking of me. I feel depressed thinking about others expectations on me scoring higher gradesI am just wondering why is academics so important in life? When I was a kid, I never studied well. Don’t worry; I always had day dreams of me scoring high marks!! Lol!

You know what, when I was in 4th standard, I wanted a watch, an electronic one. Finally, parents told me that I will get a watch if I score highest in the class. And you won’t what I did for getting the watch.

I flunked in the Hindi paper and so I hided the paper in the classroom and wrote 25/25 in the name slip in the Bag. Don’t wonder, I had a name slip sticker in my bag in which my name class no, division details were written and since I didn’t want to show the paper home, I wrote the marks myself in the red ink (to prove that it is written by a teacher- only teachers use red ink pens!)

And with lots of joy on scoring 25/25 I reached house to show that I scored full marks in Hindi and it was like see mom, I have even written the marks down in my bag name slip when I got the mark sheet. She said, it is OK that the marks are there on your bag, but where is the answer paper? I told her, mom that it was written by the teacher since I have lost the answer sheet!! Lol!! Don’t laugh too muchhh .. yes yes.. I ..I myself did it!!

I still can’t believe how I did all these!! Anyways I did go through the other side of doing all these mischiefs - you know what I mean :-) Well i went through the correction treatment for doing these kinds of! . And I think in next exam I did score within the top 5 in class (Well, I negotiated for top 5) and I got a new watch :-)

Coming back, I still don’t understand how we can effectively communicate and make the kid realize how important is studies for them.

Teachers are the blessed ones who has a knack to handle the younger generations - the to be future leaders.

Do we really lack the right teachers who are able to excite the curious child in us?

Rani is unable to study not only because of the pressure from our society; it might also be because she is not excited about the subject?

The turning points happen all the time in our life, however if you get into the right place early in life, it might be a smooth journey. As of today marks and exams are the ones which will help you reach a right place in the system- at least it will give you more options.

How will I let Rani know the importance and seriousness about studies and its influence on our life?

I am clueless; she says I am no different from others around her?

How will I make her realize the potential that she can achieve?

Can someone help me here?????

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