Thursday, July 08, 2010


One evening when I returned to my room during my Saudi Arabia life, I somehow felt really different that night.

During my stay there, the work gets finished only around 9 PM or so and I would be one of last person to switch off the lights and leave the office. Eventually I reach room late as well.

That specific evening, when I reached room, I felt an aura all around me. When I entered the room, I felt the thick warm air. I turned on the air conditioners and left my bag in some corner. Rest of the activities was like, throwing away the socks to one corner, leaving my blazer to another hanger and me laying down under the fan.

Though I was all alone that night, I felt like embracing the warm air in the room. I went to kitchen to cook something for me. The dinner turned out to be the Maggi noodles :-), yes Maggi is available in Saudi as well- but with a slightly different taste!

I got the ‘two minute noodles’ ready and I set the table. The atmosphere for the dinner was yet to be set.

1.Is the movie ready to be started
2.Is water right there on the specific glass which I usually take?
3.Is the hot noodle on the clean dry plate?
4.Is the cigar & lighter on place (Well this doesnt happen always!)
5.Last but the most important is the room ready with the right light settings on :-)

I felt so contented being alone and with everything there in place (where I want things to be!).

You won’t believe me, I felt so happy that night - after a long time. Oh no, don’t think I am a kind of person who always loves to be alone. There have been several days / nights when I preferred to have a company, however that night was special for some reason.

I got my batteries recharged
I loved myself and my aura around me
I love loneliness

It is tough to break it once you taste it!
The taste of bachelor life is lasts long
And I honestly feel it is ‘addictive’

PS: I was sharing the feeling of addictiveness of bachelor life to one of my colleague, Gautham Manohar and he being a bachelor completely agreed to the word ‘addictive!

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Anonymous said...

yeah.. sometimes I too feel like to be alone.. after spending hard working hours in office and travelling from office to home in that heavy traffic with so many noice.. I like to spend sometime alone but not everyday.. :)

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