Friday, July 02, 2010

All for this moment!

I have visited Bahrain several times by now. However this time I am not feeling like exiting the country without pinning down some stories which I came to know.

You see different nationalities all across the gulf countries. In Bahrain, most of the bars/ restaurants you see mostly lady servers. You pick the nationality, they will be here.

Couple of times I have been to some kerala restaurants. In almost all of them you see keralite ladies serving for you! – They welcome you with a shake hand (I never knew that we had such a tradition though!), ask where are you from, which dish you would like to have, which beer/ hot drinks (they even recommend the best ones!)

The following are some of stories which was shared with me over my visits to this country.

A Srilankan Story:

Swapna is her name and she came about a year ago to Bahrain - Never married, no kids. She works in a kerala restaurant and the work hours are from 12pm – 3pm & 6pm-1 AM. She came here to work without knowing a bit of Malayalam language. Now she speaks and understands Malayalam in a ‘ok’ condition. She says she is here to save money for her parents and she is never going to come back to this country once she exits. The existing contract with her agent is which keeps her here. - The contract is for 2 years and they don’t have the freedom to exit the country in between at all.

A Keralite Story:

She came here about 6 years back and she keeps visiting kerala whenever any family event comes up. Being mother of 3 children, she says it is tough for her to spend time here - still, for money she need to do this is what she says. She asked, ‘which mobile is this? Is this really costly?’, when I was trying to make a phone call. ‘Why are you so much interested in the mobile models’, I asked her? ‘My sponsor who helped me to come to this country wanted a Rolex watch and a high end mobile phone, I am yet to buy for him’, she said.

A Thai Story:

Being a single mother and a student she was unable to bear the expenses in her own country. She came here about 7 months ago and is planning to stay till Ramadan. ‘My daughter is really cute, unlike me’, she says. I am working here my daughter and to earn enough money for continuing my studies back in Thailand. ‘I don’t like English, I like thai language’, but most of the people here wants me to talk in English, which I am trying to learn. ‘My English is bad no?’, she asks me. ‘No sleep, last two days’, she says.

A Chinese story:

My husband and daughter are there in china. My husband doesn’t help me financially so I came across this country to work. I don’t like to work here at all, but what to do, I need to earn money to feed my child. I want my daughter to get a better life than mine. So I work here and sent money to china for her expenses. If I don’t send money, my husband will hurt my daughter!

A Russian story:

She lives in a place near to Moscow and she came over here few years back. ‘Why do you look so sad’, I asked her. ‘I want to kill someone’, she said. I was really taken aback with this statement. ‘I don’t like this place, I don’t like the people, I hate my life and I need to work here for money, because I need to send money to Russia. The Saudi people when they visit here, they hurt us when they are drunk. I don’t like people who drink, they will not be in their senses, and they won’t have control. ‘ None in this world should drink!

All of them live their life for others in this world!

Most of them are here for their loved ones!

They suffer here and struggle here all for their kids

They all long for the moment when they will meet their kids after years and months.

Will their kids be aware of the struggles?

Will their kids and loved ones value them when they go back?

Is this life of struggle worth for the ‘moment’ when you meet them back in the native land?

May be every hardship you come across is worth enough for the ‘moments’ that you see them cherished!

Ps: Is this life all about earning money for your loved ones?


Vaish said...

very sentimental. You had patience to gather all this info and put them together. Appreciate it!! The part is sad, but always true. I've also seen a lot of Asian and East europeans work day-night to give their hard-earned money to their family.

Prasad said...

Hi thats the way of life man cherish by giving to live your life by living for your loved ones..
you are what you are today coz your loved ones helped & supported you for you to become what you are today. You may not yield that crop dude but seeding was done by you no one can change it.. All of them you have mentioned are here wiuth the purpose of seeding an Einstine , Edison , Tendulkar or kamalahasan..what do they do to seed is always secondary as long as they seed and money is unfortunate enabeler

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