Monday, July 26, 2010

Anonymous Ms.Salini

I got an email about a year back with the following content.

I am Salini. I met you once, long back with my friend. But no chance that u remember me. Like to know more about you. Hope you respond Thanks and Best Wishes Salini

And my response to this was “Is this a spam???

I never remember anyone called Salini whom I met. I was thinking that there was someone who had sent me an email by mistake. I told 'good bye' to Salini, since she never seemed to be interested in revealing her identity and I forgot about it during the course of time.

While I was clearing my mails several months before and I wrote this –‘Hello.. Are you still there? I was clearing my inbox and found your old mail about your anonymous identity???

And last month, I got a response –‘Hai, Felt like replying to your old mail, more than 4 months old. How are you? -Salini

I responded saying, ’How are you?? what is your real name and I feel good to know that such a person exists and it is not SPAM!’

Then came the following response –
Dear mr.Bharat Thank you so much. At last you wrote in a language by which people do communicate. And I feel softness in your words also. good! And another thing made me surprised is You asked me " How are you?" Very good. I feel excited by your mail. If you are free this weekend, can we meet somewhere? What do you say? I think that is the best way to reveal my identity.

Well, I honestly was taken completely aback. First of all I never remember meeting such a person called Salini and now this anonymous person wanted to meet me? That too the very next weekend? Oh no- I was not even convinced.

Finally after couple of emails the response vanished.

Even today I don’t know who this Salini is!
Don’t even know whether such a person really exists.

May be it might be some of my friends who wanted to prank
However, it is always interesting to think of someone whom you never know, who was in touch with you!

PS: This electronic world has brought in so much anonymity into our world and brought in so many borders to cross. - Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful memory.
Really amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

No.. You are hesitating to meet known ppl also... Aren't you ? You would have met her and cleared your doubts no..

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