Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Train Journey

‘Is this seat 9? This is my seat’, a dark young man came running after the train started. He was all sweat, he might have reached the platform late, I thought. I moved to the other seat and allowed him to sit where I was sitting. He is travelling with just one hand bag, he might be a frequent traveller. ‘Did he speak with you?, I needed to leave and he promised me that he will meet you after I leave.’, he spoke over phone. He must be referring to a business discussion.

‘vadai vadai vadai, uzhunnu vadai’, an young guy kept going through our compartment. His face looked very tired. May be he might have got a very tiring day. I peeped into his serving plate, it appeared full with lots of vadas filled with oil! Yeah man, I could see the newspaper which was full with oil.

‘Hello, I didn’t get the reply for my SMS till now.’ I heard a middle aged lady speaking over her phone sitting next to me. She kept herself immersed in her own world and her mobile- she might have got a new mobile? When she got a break, she kept winking at the baby sitting opposite to us.

The young couple tried to entertain their baby when he started to cry. His mom feeded him. He might have got his stomach full, he slept for some time. After a while again he started ‘eeehhh, eeehhh’, his dad took him towards the compartment door. His mom gave him a plastic glass to play around. He started staring at everything and got into a silent sleep on his dad’s shoulders.

‘all is well, all is well’, the hindi songs came out loud from an old man’s mobile phone.– See the world has undergone a drastic change with respect to technology. I still remember the days when people used to roam around with transistors!

Lots of ‘coffee coffee coffee’ and ‘kappi kappi kappi’ and ‘tea tea tea’ and ‘chaya chaya chaya’ kept coming in regular intervals till late night.

Around 7:30 -8 pm, I could hear ‘chicken, egg, veg biryani, biryani’! I never knew that all kinds of biryanis were served in the train from the pantry. I still remember the days when the veg and egg biryani was served. Now chicken biryani is also available? Hot and ready?

Then came ‘porotta, chapatti’, ‘porotta chapatti’. We do have lots of options for food while travel ling.

The old man sitting next to me bought the veg and he started having it. The middle aged lady got her bread packed and she had some few slices I believe- sorry I didn’t want to look into her plate- not a good manners no? :-) The young couple had their food packed and ready from home. The baby’s mom had the food sitting in the seat. However I could see his dad going out with a tiffin box, I was wondering why he was going out.

When I went to throw my coffee cup (oh yea, I had couple of Rs.5 coffee :-) – It is good to have a coffee which doesn’t taste like a coffee! ), I saw the kid’s dad sitting there and having the food. Don’t know why he sat their outside near the door and ate food. May be he like the cool night breeze along with the food!

It shows 8:45 pm in my laptop, and I am lying down in the upper berth and typing!

After several years, I traveled again in train.

I still remember my B.Tech days when I traveled a lot in train (Ernakulam to Trivandrum).

I changed, the train changed, the train booking became online, the people around me changed, the food served in train changed!

Is there anything which doesn’t change?

PS: My train - Kochuveli Express started from Bangalore at 5:15 pm yesterday and reached Trivandrum around 9 am today morning.


Anonymous said...

now ur taking revange on us... you said all pin to pin felt like I did the train journey.. you are sounding like a chaiwala here :) I too love the train journey & I don't like the noice and ofcourse the crowd... Enjoy the journey... have a nice time..

Anonymous said...

I was just going through the thread of flying experiences and it was really interesting to read. Bharat chandran , here you forgot to mention in which class you had traveled. In each class of the train the experiences differ. You explained in detail about what did others eat and nothing about your dinner? Did you try one type of “biriyani”? Who was there with you? Traveled alone?

This has now tempted me to think in another way. In a train journey, as you get into the train, you will be eager to find your seat. Slowly get introduced to the co-travelers, develop some sort of impressions. Finally when we reach our destination, we get down and do not remember any one after some time. It is similar to the situations in life also. We do not get attached to any one in a train journey, and we know that this is just a small time period we are together. Some people follow the same approach in life, just having casual and purposeful relationship with other co-travelers of life. I feel same approach should be followed with people around us, in this world. We should have limited relationship and emotional bonding in this world as we do have in the train journey.

Important: There are two ways to sit in a train. Either you sit facing the direction the train is moving or facing backwards. When you look out of the window while facing the direction the train is moving, you see distant things becoming clearer and clearer. You wait with anticipation to see it up close. You are prepared. But when you do the opposite way you can see things only after you pass it fading away in the horizon. It is very much similar to one’s approach to life.

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