Thursday, July 01, 2010

Embracing the heat

I have travelled to couple of places like Yanbu, Jeddah, Riyadh, & Dammam in Saudi Arabia.- all are in different corners of the country!

At all the locations you can experience one thing in common - they were all really ' hot'.

When I say hot, it is like 51 degree hot!

Today, I had a different experience while having the walk at noon with sun right on top!

To my surprise I was feeling calm cool! No no I have not gone completely mad to feel cool at mid noon.

However, the point is I started liking the heat!

In India, I still remember the days when I cursed 30 deg heat and here I started liking the dry heat in this country.

The sand wind,
The climate,
The heat,
The smell of the sand when you take breath
You start embracing all of these..
You would feel it all over you,
And you might start liking it. - which you hated earlier..

Well, it appears to me that I am falling in love with this country/climate for some reason which I cant understand.

Is it that I am just embracing the heat to feel the heat which I never liked before?
Is it that I am changing due to my stay here ?
Is it that I have no other way to survive in this heat, so I started liking it?

I am not sure about the answer..

When we start doing things which we don’t like, we will never imagine that we would fall in love with it.

But when we live with it,
And when we leave it,
We will realize how attached we were
Even though we hated it earlier!

Unknowingly we start liking things which we disliked earlier!

Life is definitely 'Interesting;, isn't it ?

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Vaish said...

Very true bharat. I encountered a similar situation which I hated so much, but started liking it...its Winter. I could'nt withstand the cold in BLR or even Chennai winter(Dec, Jan)...but started liking it now...It's just that, your mind also starts accustoming towards this along with your body...without any resistance..

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