Friday, July 09, 2010

I. Me. Myself.

Have you watered the plants’, asked the elder sister to the younger one.

No I haven’t. Why don’t you water it’, said the younger one.

Well, I don’t need any rose flowers from it. If you want you water it’.

I would water it but it is mine and I will never give it to you. You water the other plant’ said the younger one. – She is in UKG (before entering the 1st Standard) and I was thinking how come she is saying all about ‘her and herself’.

May be she will be hardly 4 years or so.- Is it that we start thinking about ourselves and ‘ourselves alone’ even at this age?

Most of the time, we all are occupied by our own thoughts.

It is either about us or about our close friends or may be relatives?

Are we missing a big picture here?
Are we missing what is happening around us?
What is happening to this earth?
What is happening to the birds, tress, plants, air, water???

In a society where we blame the lack of time as a reason for many things, we have become so self-centered in many aspects.
I always had an impression that kids will share things and they had an Open mind.

Now, even the kids are talking about their happiness, their note book, their pencil box. – I mean it never occurred to me that the kids are so into themselves.

May be it is the society / parents who turn the kids to be thinking about them, themselves and themselves again?

May be it is our mistake to keep a society which won’t open up the kids mind to a broader spectrum than restricting them to think about themselves.

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It is another type of addiction.

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