Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was completely me before I met you;
You have shown me your world;
Strange was the journey towards the your world;
I was clueless, aimless, but you levitated me;
You imbibed me with a notion;
A notion which is nameless;
The walks that you had with me;
The chats that we had;
The moments that we shared;
Was it all just a coincidence?

I changed, without knowing why;
The things hided in plain sight came out visible;
Your world revolved around me;
And my world vanished to thin air;
I transformed, without my knowledge;
Spirits came to me from nowhere;
Bringing the life to matter which never existed;
I was mindless;
You painted on my minds walls;
I still remember your brush strokes;
I still hold your unfinished paints;
The expressions that you left;
They remind me of you;
You touched my heart with your passion;
Your passion spread across me like fire;
You injected your wilderness on me;
Painful was it, yet sweet;
In the end when I looked around;
I was in a wonder world;
All created by you;
Now, I am not ‘me’ anymore;
Can someone help me to become me again?


Anonymous said...

May I know who is this "YOU"? who changed yourself ? If I come to know then I can help you.. :)

Deepak said...

Great balance of things in that photo.

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