Friday, July 30, 2010

My Life's Value

I see millions of people around me. I am trying hard to find my ‘value’ of existence among the millions.
In my today’s flight from Bangalore to Trivandrum, it halted at Chennai for about an hour.

I witnessed the group of people who are involved in the logistics/ technical support for the flight. If there are more than 200+ people involved in just a small flight which carries around 100 people, just think about the world.

If this is the case of a domestic flight, just think about the international flights which touch multiple countries and several different nationalities.

I am just pondering on my value by existing on this world.

There are millions of people around and there are several people who are touching their lives – knowing or unknowing.

Whose lives am I touching?
Am I touching any one’s life at least?
Am I worth living in this world of billions?

How do I create a difference?- Do I need to?

What is this life all about? – If I am not making any difference to anyone?
Can someone comment on this?

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Anonymous said...

Life is about happiness, sorrow, trust, hope, faith, aim, passion, and love. Life is about choices that we make and the freedom to arrive at these choices. Life is about hard work, sacrifice and options. Life is about owing up to your responsibilities and obligations. Life is about thinking, feeling, sharing, caring and giving Life is about keeping your words. For some people sometimes, life is about running away.

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