Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nick Mon's Suggestion

Nikhil P Kookkiri alias Nick Mon is one of my friends in Bangalore. He always plays a key role in motivation aspect.

For my blog posts he recently gave the following comment, "mathrubashayil ezhuthada..illankil oru Wren Martin medichu padikada...... Anyway...I appreciate ur attempt... I am sure you willl reach there one day...."

Translation goes like this– ‘You better write in mother tongue, else buy Wren n Martin and learn!

In fact during the initial days of blogging, I used to feel so complex about my substandard English writing skills.

However, as time passed, I think I got so accustomed to my way of writing, where grammatical / structural / other English mistakes became a common factor for any of my article.

I never felt awkward about it till date. I write what I know in a way which I would like to express.

Now, the time has come where it appears to me that people are getting ‘irritated’ by reading the article!! :-)

Now I am really thinking of starting the English lessons to write something!

Whether I will do it is a question? – Mostly due to negligence we keep postponing and it might never happen!

I am not sure whether I will learn from Wren n Martin!
Still I think I should seriously start thinking about improving!
Though it is not clear to me as of now how to do that?
Any suggestions on improving English writing skills?

PS:Nick's Buzz

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