Sunday, July 25, 2010


Is my life sinful?
Can I wash away all my sins?
What is this sin?

I touched the untouchables
I crossed all the prohibitions
I walked, I ran, I ran and ran again
Through all the possible ways
There was no restriction
There was illusion
People came to me
They all faked me
I allowed myself to get faked
Now I am alone
Earlier it was all clouded
Now the moods of cloud is changing
Now I can see the traces of sun
Streaks of light is coming in
Just to make me realize
Realize the darkness
I am just waiting
Waiting for the reality
What is real?
I have been myself
Myself, in my whole life
Will being myself will wash away the darkness
Will being myself redefine ‘sin’
Did I sin?
Life just happens
And moments just pass by
And Myself is all left
Myself and myself alone.
I embrace me
And we both are still walking
Walking towards the destiny
Awaiting the new surprises
Leaving the memories
And trying to be myself
Just myself and me!

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