Saturday, July 10, 2010

Story of Leaves

When wind came all the dry leaves went away with the wind
The rest dry leaves got burnt when the fire came
Now all I have is the ashes
Ashes of the leaves

Each bit of ash holds a story
A story of mystery
Most of it is precious
None of it will come again
All might have happened for a reason
A reason still unknown to me
The greener were the leaves when it was born
It enjoyed the sun, air, water
Then it became old and yellow
Yellow turned to brown
Brown turned to dry
Dry leaf fell down
Then came the wind and fire
Some went with the wind and rest got burned

Is leave’s life cycle complete?
Still remains the ash and the story with it
May be some day ash will get mixed with the soil
Soil might grow another plant
And then the green leafs will come again
Again with a story!


Anonymous said...

Good assessment.. how can you think so deeply about the small creature like leaves.. Can you the write the same about human beings? Since you are a deep thinker we will come to know more about it :) why don't you think about it?

Deepak said...

I'm sorry. But I feel very sad that the balance that is so special in your photos is totally absent in the layout of your blog posts. (Not the homepage - that is an exception).

bharat chandran said...

@Manjula -thanks for your comments.

@Deepak - I agree with you on this - I am still exploring new themes for the blogs, Deepak. Yet to freeze a nice theme/ template.

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