Monday, August 02, 2010

Aries Girl

I hardly knew her. She was one among the bunch of acquaintances that I had. I never bothered to know her, neither she bothered to know me.

Now years later, in fact several years later we heard each other’s voice.
You know, it is really nice to hear the voice of someone whom you knew years before. And that too without being in touch for several years and then talking to each other as a surprise!

Though I didn’t know this girl as a person, I somehow had a feeling that the life is rough on her.

The things that happened to her and the tough times that she had to go through to reach where she is, is really like a fiction.

Sometimes, these real stories we won’t believe in. We still feel that the life is bed of roses and everything will come to us for a reason.

May be life is not that tough
May be everything that happened to her in life was meant to happen
May be she is drifting towards the destiny – unknowingly

May be she will find her right man

May be as the astrologer told her – She will be luckier as days goes by

May be she will become the luckiest girl ever!

May be she will travel around the world! – As she dreams
May everything good happen to her
And let her be another happy soul on earth!
I dedicate this post to you,
You Aries Girl!

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