Monday, August 30, 2010

She climbed the Golden Stairs

She passed away yesterday midnight on the way to the hospital. It was really shocking to know that one of my juniors did suicide and ended her life.

I am yet to recover from it!

About Divya: She was born to a high profile family - her dad ( ex-minister / ex-MP) and her mom (senior official in a bank). She is now married and is having a 8 months old son.

Back during college days, she was one of the most noticed juniors from the time she joined her class due to her dad's position. She did score well in her B Tech course and became the class topper.

More than a class topper she was the one who always handled things calm and cool despite her circumstances.

She was really an ambitious girl, who had her future planned and clear in front of her. She knew what she needed to do and she worked hard for it as well.

She spoke less, but she made sure that everyone listened to her point whenever she had it.

She topped in her M. Tech course as well. Today, when I spoke to one of her teachers , he very clearly remembers her - she was different. Not only did she outdo her academics but also she was involved in other activities for free software movement - she was really active n smart.

I always admired her hard work and persistence in studies.

I still wonder what might have made her undergo such a situation. Whatever might be the reason, may be there was a solution to it than what she had done to herself?

It is really unbelievable how things turn out in life.

I always had the impression that the studious are the ones who are going to lead a successful life. -May be I am not right?

May be in life, studies or position is not what matters

May be in life we are all in search
In search of something
And we get busy and frustrated on the way

And what we have along us are the friends and relatives
Let us treasure the close circle of lives
The lives that protects us, surrounds us
Those are the lives that makes us cherish
Those are the ones who will share the shoulder
And those are the ones who will be with us
No matter where we are
And that is what makes our life worth living!
Let us thank each one of them for adding a moment to our life

Let all of us get what we wish for
And let us all live till we realize what we are for
And finish the karma of life!

I am sure; Divya did touch many lives!
And I see the sorrow in all those faces
In whichever corner of the world they are in
They will all remember her
They will all see her face and pray for a moment before they go to bed

Let us hold the light and wish her peace wherever she is now!
May her soul rest in peace!

PS: I never thought I would ever write such a post. I wish, I never write similar one again!
Thanks Manju for sharing Divya's photo.


Deepak R said...

To be honest, I'm torn between thoughts about Divya and the grief she would have gone through on one hand and her son and the loss he will carry through on the other.

Ralph said...

Divya was a role model for all juniors like me. But it is really sad the way things have happened.
My deep condolence to her family..God knows what they must be going through..I wish people dont take such steps..Please remember your deared ones,... the smile on their faces..the moment any such thoughts which might remove their smiles from their faces occurs in your mind.

Anonymous said...


I dont believe she climbed the golden stairs. Whatever was the circumstance suicide was never a solution and such a person can never be role model.It is sad history of a failed life .

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