Sunday, August 22, 2010

This will also pass by

'This will also pass by’ this is what I am keep saying now a days…. - This is how Prasad concluded his email. For few days I was in hospital and when I just came out, my dad got into the hospital.

Appears to me that I am going through the ‘hospital climate’ as I call it :-)

The assumption that goes with this specific climate is it can come only once in a year; if not once in life time (I know, I know that is really ambitious to say hospital climate once in life time! )

Jokes apart, the truth is I got admitted to a hospital, first time ever in my life. As everyone says, there has to be a first time for everything; it tends to be the same for me as well.

After my operation, I keep getting this dizziness. It is like when I try to get up or when I am just standing straight, I can see the world around, toppling up / down /bottoms up .. haha it is really funny from one end and the other end me trying to close my eyes and hold whatever is next to me just to ensure that I am not toppling down!

Honestly, I am so touched by what he said ‘This will also pass by’ It kind of murmurs in my ears still..

PS: Thanks Prasad (Prasad Babu) .. What you said is so true. No matter what happens, everything will pass by us, and later we too might follow it.

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