Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wake me up

I went to sleep
A long sleep in anesthesia

I asked her name, I remember
‘Sreeja’, she said smiling at me
She was beautiful,

She had round face,

A typical south Indian figure she had,
She came near to me and held my right hands
She smiled and said ‘everything is going to be fine’,
Neither did I notice the syringe in her other hand
Nor did I notice the anesthesia
While I enjoyed her beautiful face,
Lyiing down in the stretcher,
She whispered to me, ‘You are going to have a very light pain’
I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain
I felt the pinch and then coolness
A cool numbness which spread through my right hand,
It then crept into my brain and to my whole body
I could barely see the huge round lights
The lights of the operation theater
The lights went on making everything disappear
Disappear in darkness
I went into the dark with light all over me!
Can someone wake me up?


Vaish said...

That's a well written poetry/post! Loved the lines "I went into the dark with light all over me!" Too good!

saya said...

Waho Itz just mind blowing..
I was just into it while reading it..
Good one :)

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