Sunday, August 01, 2010

Why on earth?

Today in my return trip from Cochin to Trivandrum, I happened to see a very beautiful lady!

However, she was accompanied by her boyfriend :-)

You know what? -Why it is that all the ladies who are beautiful, attractive and nice are TAKEN?

Why in the world is that I am the one who is alone ?
Why is that I never get a nice company?

She was cute
She was nice and soft spoken
Her eyes were captive
Her smile! – Well, i can’t forget it
Her face was so expressive
How can ladies be such beautiful?
God has really been partial to men!
Alas, I am not going to meet her again..
And I miss her!!
Is it her presence that I am missing ?
Is it her sweet voice ?
Is it her in all ?
Perhaps, it was all because she was from the UK ?
And I feel these because I am from India?


Anonymous said...

"Why is that I never get a nice company?" Interesting question

Catch the immediate flight and fly to UK.

Anonymous said...

You are saying you are alone. Then where is your "YOU"...........?

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