Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soul mate

According to Wayne, we all have soul mates. It doesn’t mean that the soul mate is necessarily our better half or partner - It can be anyone around us, who influence us, who challenges us and who carves our life in a better way.

To explain about soul mate concept, he shared an interesting incident that happened in his life and I am sharing the same here.(well, i listened to the talk only once, so below given story is what i vaguely remember)

One morning, he was in the kitchen trying to make the breakfast for his two daughters (when both were kids) while their mom was away. While cooking, he listened to the conversation between  both of his daughters.

Will you be wearing shoes if you don’t have legs?’ asked the elder one to the younger one.

The younger one got irritated, ‘what kind of ridiculous question is this? – Will I be wearing shoes if I don’t have legs?? Arggghhh’

‘Well answer me’

‘Why should I wear shoes if I don’t have legs? No way’

‘Then why are you wearing the bra?’

What he later saw was, his younger one rushing to room :)

According to him, his elder daughter is the soul mate of younger one. However, his story brought in a whole different perspective.

I was always under the impression that the soul mate is someone who actually understands us very well – like a perfect match you know?

Soul mate need not be the perfect match for our likes and dislikes, in fact he/she should be the one who challenges us and moves us forward and never leaves us.

Suppose you have a person who never leaves you, who always persuade you to push beyond the lines that you draw for yourself – Can that person be called soul mate?

Else, if he/she is a person who is a perfect match for all your likes and dislikes, won’t that be boring? – I mean, I agree. What we all wish for is a person who is always in sync with us who never argues, who never fights and who is in perfect harmony with us.

Still, you know the imperfect soul mate seems to be more interesting isn’t it? – The one who keeps pulling you, the one who complaints, the one who ‘never leaves you’ (no matter what happens) ?

You might have got stuck with such a person in life and you can neither leave nor quit that person’s influence in life?

Is that the real soul mate?

Though she/he might be having a lot of flaws, may be that is the ‘perfect’ one for you which you don’t realize at all? – Don’t you think that is the reality?

May be they are the ones whose hands which will never leave you?
May be they are just brought to us to make us realise what we really are?
May be they will challenge us, fight with us, irritate us
Still, those are the ones which brings us the moments of Reality
The realities whose shadows cast our life
And those are the moments which are always treasured - knowingly or unknowingly!

PS: Thanks to Ajit for sharing the talks of Wayne Dyner.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unpaid Dakshina

If in case you go to Attukal temple, you might be able to hear his voice in the morning . He might still be reading the devi puranam or ramayanam (during the month of karkitakam) in the early morning.

About him: He is old; in fact he is the one person who touched my heart in all ways though he is no blood relation to me. I met him during my school days when I used to be so regular in the temple visits. I was one of the most (well most is not enough :-) ) disciplined visitor to the temple at the time of aarthy (archana) in the evening.

Truly, I can’t recollect how I met him. I might have met him in the temple. However, I got close to him, maybe I got pulled towards his voice?

He is a person who captured hearts through his voice and music. His bhajans made me merge to the tones and notes of it. Through his voice, he touched many hearts. His name is Bhaskaran Nair.

He was married and unfortunately his wife passed away few years back. But, he had no children of his own. For me he was so different.

In life we meet people who touches our inner heart and whom we feel close?

I am not still sure why he gifted me books / music or rather invited me to the bhajan sessions. I still remember my school / college days when I used to join the early morning 5 AM sessions at the temple.

May be I was the most youngest guy among the group of people who used to sing there in the early morning. Still, I did join them for reasons unknown to me.

I was so fond of classical music and I wanted to learn it. After my pre-degree (+2) class, I requested him to teach me the classical music .. sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa… Still I remember the classes the took for me. He never took the money in return. He is my music guru.

Music is something which touches our heart
And so did my music guru,
A guru whom I am no way related
A guru who came to me from no where
And who touched many lives through his voice
I cant ever pay back ; not even think of paying back
I am honoured;
Honoured and thankful for letting me meet such a life on earth
I know my life is short,
Still the moments with him I treasure
He is one among the gems of life I met
The value is still invaluable

There are things on earth which we cant pay back
We just need to humbly accept their touch in our lives
Those lives having a magic
A magic which bring light to our lives.

I know he is never going to read this post.
Neither he might know english.
Still, I cant resist his memories, whose dakshina remains unpaid.

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